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Sanitary Bins For Proper Sanitary Disposal

A Ladies sanitary bin is a type of bin that is typically found in restrooms and allows for the sanitary disposal of feminine hygiene products. The bins should be completely enclosed so that users cannot see any waste contained within them, and a no-touch system, such as a foot pedal or sensor, should be used. Sanitary bins can also have an antibacterial liner to protect against germ buildup and keep malodors from entering restrooms.

How do you get rid of your sanitary waste?

of Care requires that a business be responsible for the proper disposal of sanitary waste and use a licensed waste management company to do so. The company must also complete a 'waste transfer note' with the carrier, and failure to comply or produce the note when asked could result in large fines and even imprisonment.

Duty Sanitary waste is classified as municipal offensive waste by the government. Offensive waste is non-clinical waste that is not infectious, does not contain pharmaceuticals or chemicals, and may be unpleasant to those who come into contact with it.

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