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  • Washroom Services

  • Feminine Hygiene

  • Hazardous waste

  • Biological waste

  • Hygiene care

  • Waste disposal

  • Trauma/Crime scene cleaning

  • Rental equipment 

  • Commercial equipment

Hospitality - Industrial - Schools - Offices - Shops - Nursing - Day care - Moving Home -Private Dwellings

Feminine Hygiene

Pipers Hygiene is the South's leading hygiene provider. There are many aspects that we consider when offering this service including odour control, discretion and most importantly germ control.

Our discreet and stylish sanitary units allow waste to be disposed of in a safe manner.

Pipers Hygiene provide sanitary bins to all types of organisations, from a single disposal bin for a small office to over 40 bins for larger sites.

Washroom Services

Pipers Hygiene have a variety of packages available to suit individual requirements, ranging from a full service including supplies to a partial service which suits companies that already have a cleaning company in place but is looking for a competitive price for washroom supplies.

All of our products and dispensers come in a large variety of styles and finishes to compliment the interior design of your washrooms, including stainless steel for added hygiene and cleanliness.

The services we offer are tailored to ensure minimal bacterial transfer and offer ergonomic designs to ensure they are fit for the purpose they are designed for.

Waste Disposal

Pipers Hygiene are renowned for our diligence with the collection and handling of hazardous waste, ensuring it is disposed of in a responsible manner in accordance with the law.

We are fully accredited and licenced waste carriers, giving you peace of mind that your hazardous waste will be handled safely.

Hazardous waste includes:

  • Oils

  • Batteries

  • Fluorescent light tubes

  • Oil based paints

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