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The ultimate package for professional wash performance, this Classeq P500AWSD-16 pass through dishwasher is a superb choice for the commercial kitchen. It's packed with advanced features to make everyday operation faster, easier and more flexible. Powerful rinse booster pumps tackle the toughest grime and grease, with a choice of three wash cycles (90, 180 or 300 seconds) working alongside built-in chemical and drain pumps - everything you need to get crockery, cutlery and utensils sparkling clean. An integral water softener is also fitted to protect against limescale damage, making it a dependable option for any hard water area.

The P500AWSD-16 delivers a rinse temperature of 82°C for 12 seconds, which won't be reached when washing by hand - so cleaning your equipment with this commercial dishwasher is the only way to guarantee effective sanitation when washing to protect staff and customers against transferable viruses. Once cleaned, it's recommend to store your equipment in the wash basket to reduce contact and handling.


  • Product features

    • Dimensions 1470(H) x 630(W) x 720(D)mm
    • Material Stainless Steel
    • Supplier Model Number P500AWSD-16
    • Voltage 440V
    • Warranty 2 Years
    • Weight 130kg
    • Colour Stainless Steel
    • Choice of three wash cycles (90, 180 or 300 seconds) to suit any task
    • Built-in rinse booster pumps to remove stubborn grease and grime
    • Fitted with drain pump and WRAS-approved Type A air gap
    • Two-stage filter system protects wash and drain pumps for longevity
    • Fitted with internal chemical pump for optimum use of cleaning chemicals
    • Built-in water softener prevents limescale damage, particularly in hard water areas
    • Easier than ever to operate thanks to intuitive digital controls
    • Digital display helps you monitor performance at a glance
    • Easy priming and adjustment of chemical dosing from front control panel
    • Height of 1970mm with hood open
    • Supplied with 1x open basket, 1x plate basket and 1x cutlery basket

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