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This commercial pass through dishwasher features a 500mm rack with a capacity of 18 plates and a potential of up to 40 racks - or 720 plates - per hour. This powerful dishwasher is best used on an everyday basis of 12-15 wash cycles per hour - intermediate and intensive use models are also available. The P500AWSD-12 is fitted with an integral water softener, which is essential for hard water areas. Detergents and other chemicals work less efficiently in hard water; giving poor results such as failure to remove tannin stains, or condensation marks on glasses. Limescale accumulations can cause expensive maintenance problems. Soft or softened water gives sparkling results for a much better finish to your crockery and glassware and also extends the life of working parts of your machine, such as heating elements and rotary jets, by reducing the build up of limescale.

The unit requires a 3 phase 13 amp electrical supply to be fitted by a qualified electrician; the total connected load is 6.84kW. A single phase 30 amp model - which has the same power load - is available. Classeq machines are WRAS approved; a type A air gap ensures that no dirty water goes back into the mains water supply. Mains water connection is via a ¾” BSP. This efficient dishwasher uses as little as 3.25 litres of water per rinse cycle for reduced energy and water bills.

The 3 wash programs have cycle times of 1.5 minutes, 3 minutes and 5 minutes. The wash tank has a capacity of 39 litres for reduced water consumption, efficient operation and minimal running costs. Innovative features such as a continuous hood clean and removable wash arms ensure the machine is always easy to clean. The digital controls are 2 button and extremely simple to operate. A new and improved LCD display shows wash and rinse tank temperatures and the wash cycle program selection. A drain pump and rinse booster pump are standard.

The appliance has a colour coded LED display that’s easy to use and follow: amber for heating, green for ready and blue for in cycle.

The product is supplied with 1 x flat basket, 1 x plate insert and 1 x cutlery basket as standard. The basket guides are removable and extra baskets are available as accessories. The dual wash filter system prevents food waste or other objects entering the wash tank and clogging up the machine.

This dishwasher is designed for high volumes and is suitable for a straight through or corner situated operation. Accessories include left and right hand entry and exit tables - available with or without sinks. The external dimensions of the dishwasher are 1890-1960mm(h) x 635mm(w) x 635mm(d). With the hood closed the height is 1470-1520mm. The machine has a net weight of 130 kilos.


  • Brand Classeq
    Category Passthrough Dishwashers
    Availability In Stock
    MPN P500AWSD-12
    Warranty Manufacturers 1 year parts & labour
    Weight 130 KG
    Power Supply 3 Phase - This unit requires a 3 phase electrical supply to be installed by a qualified electrician
    Plate Capacity 18
    Width (External) 630mm
    Height (External) 1520mm
    Depth (External) 720mm
    Finish Stainless Steel
    Basket Size 500mm
    Break Tank Yes
    Integral Water Softener Yes
    Built In Drain Pump Yes
    External Rinse Boost Pump Yes
    Loading Height 440mm
    Sound Level 70 dB
    Packaged Width 780mm
    Packaged Height 1450mm
    Packaged Depth 840mm
    Packaged Weight 140 KG
    Detergent Pumps Yes
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