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Conveniently compact and designed for reliability, the Classeq G400 Duo WS commercial glasswasher produces consistently great glasswashing results - perfect for smaller pubs, restaurants and cafés. Simple to operate, the Classeq is able to effectively wash and rinse 16 pint glasses per either 2 minute or 90 second cycle (up to 640 glasses per hour) using simple digital controls.

Double-skinned construction reduces noise as well as running costs, whilst at the end of service the self-clean and drain down systems ensure hygiene is maximised. Inside, the machine features a drain pump and WRAS approved air gap to allow for flexible installation, as well as an integral water softener which reduces internal lime scale build-up - essential if the machine is installed in areas with medium to hard water.

This glasswasher delivers a rinse temperature of 70°C, a temperature that won't be reached when handwashing. As such, cleaning your equipment with this commercial glasswasher is the only way to guarantee effective sanitation when washing - ensuring staff and customers are protected against transferrable viruses. Once cleaned, we recommend storing your equipment in the wash basket to reduce contact and handling.

G400 DUO-WS 1 Ph / 30amp Glasswasher (With Integrated Water Softener)

    • Dimensions 775(H) x 470(W) x 517(D)mm
    • Material Stainless Steel
    • Power Type Electric
    • Temperature Range 55°C to 70°C
    • Warranty 2 Years
    • Weight 40kg
    • Colour Stainless Steel
    • Useable wash chamber height: 311mm
    • Double skinned construction reduces heat loss and noise
    • Intuitive digital control panel and display
    • WRAS compliant air gap
    • Two wash cycles - standard or intensive
    • Assisted self-clean and drain down cycle
    • Energy saving standby mode
    • Built-in chemical dosing pumps
    • Rinse booster pump improves washing performance
    • Made in Britain
    • Minimum requirement of 2 bar incoming water pressure
    • Supplied with two open baskets
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