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Hugely versatile, the Classeq D400 Duo WS commercial dishwasher brings outstanding professional dishwashing performance to smaller sites such as coffee shops, cafés, small restaurants and care homes. Easy to operate, the washer features a front-mounted digital display and controls which allow selection between 3, 5 and 8 minute washes for normal, heavy and intensive wash cycles respectively.

Each load can accommodate up to 9 full size dinner plates alongside cutlery and small utensils. Inside, the machine features a drain pump and WRAS approved air gap to allow for flexible installation, as well as an integral water softener which reduces the likelihood of internal lime scale build-up - essential if the machine is installed in areas with medium to hard water.

This dishwasher delivers a rinse temperature of 82°C for 12 seconds, a temperature that won't be reached when handwashing. As such, cleaning your equipment with this commercial dishwasher is the only way to guarantee effective sanitation when washing - ensuring staff and customers are protected against transferrable viruses. Once cleaned, we recommend storing your equipment in the wash basket to reduce contact and handling.

Professional installation is available.

D400 DUO-WS 13amp Dishwasher (With integrated water softener) 1Phase

SKU: 217537123517253
    • Dimensions 775(H) x 470(W) x 517(D)mm
    • Material Stainless Steel
    • Temperature Range 55°C to 82°C
    • Warranty 2 Years
    • Weight 40kg
    • Colour Stainless Steel
    • Useable wash chamber height: 311mm
    • Double skinned construction reduces heat loss and noise
    • Intuitive digital control panel and display
    • WRAS compliant air gap
    • Three cycles for eco, normal or intensive washes
    • Easy-clean stainless steel design
    • Energy saving standby mode
    • Built-in adjustable chemical dosing pumps
    • Rinse booster pump improves performance
    • Minimum requirement of 2 bar incoming water pressure
    • Made in Britain
    • 1 flat basket, 1 plate insert and 1 cutlery basket included
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